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Exceptional Dental Care...Beautiful Smiles!    

Dr. Lokesh Kenkere and his experienced staff are committed to providing comfortable, exceptional care to all of his patients. You’ll find Dr. Lokesh Kenkere’s staff to be helpful, congenial and dedicated to making your visit as pleasant and easy as possible.


Dr. Lokesh Kenkere is a highly skilled and experienced dentist offering exceptional quality prosthodontic and cosmetic dental care to patients in Bangalore. Dr. Lokesh Kenkere has been in practice for over 17 years and visit our clinic to have the dentist determine the treatment that will provide the healthy, beautiful smile.


Whether you need a single filling or a complete smile makeover, Dr. Lokesh Kenkere and his staff offers the highest standard of dental care.


Dr. Lokesh Kenkere uses the latest techniques to create and maintain beautiful and healthy smiles.



We are pleased to offer our patients the following services in a friendly and comfortable environment.  


  • KENKERE DENTISTRY SERVICES - Teeth whitening, Porcelain Veneers, Tooth colored fillings, Dental Implants and more.

    • Cosmetic Dentistry

      Cosmetic Dentistry involves the treatment of discolored teeth, fractured teeth, space closure and management of dental caries by bleaching, veneers, bonding and tooth colored restorations. "All to give you a beautiful smile”.
      (A) Bleaching:
      Whitens the teeth.
      (B) Veeners:
      Laminate tooth surfaces to give life like appearance.
      (C) Bonding:
      A layer of tooth coloured material which improves esthetics.
      (D) Tooth coloured fillings.

    • Prosthdontics

      Prosthdontics handles the most debilitating of dental problems, the loss of teeth. It involves the replacement of missing teeth by crowns, bridges and dentures.
      “We have a solution for your ultimate problem”
      Crown: Which restores a tooth by protecting the remaining tooth structure.
      Bridge: Replaces missing teeth.
    • Dental Implants

      Dental Implants is the emerging field in dentistry. A dental implant is a Titanium screw which is placed in the bone. This screw supports a crown which will function as a natural tooth, thus replacing missing teeth and restoring function without harming adjacent teeth.
    • Periodontics

      Periodontics is the cleaning and polishing of teeth. It includes treatment of mobile teeth by bone grafting procedures. Also involves advanced soft tissue procedures like gum repositioning and gingival grafting.
      Get rid of bad breath and unesthetic root surfaces”.
    • Endodontics

      Endodontics is the root canal treatment of teeth. Teeth which are carious or fractured are not extracted but treated endodontically to serve as regular functional teeth.
      Helping you retain your natural teeth”.
    • Orthodontics

      Orthodontics is the realignment of irregular teeth and redirecting of jaw growth in a growing child to achieve ideal facial proportions.
      Give your teenager that confident smile”.
    • Pedodontics

      With pedodontics, cavities occuring in children are all taken care of. This also involves fluoride application for protection of teeth and prevention of dental caries.
    • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

      Maxillofacial surgery is a specialization of dentistry which focuses on problems around the mouth, jaw, and neck. After a severe accident, a patient may be referred to a maxillofacial surgeon if he or she has suffered severe facial injuries. Surgery can help to correct cosmetic and other damages to the face as a result of the accident. In addition to cleaning up the physical appearance of a damaged face, the surgeon can address nerve damage and other issues which may cause pain for the patient. Especially if the patient is treated quickly, the long term impacts of accident damages can be greatly reduced.
Our Technology
Computer Imaging    
The radiographic and clinical pictures are digitalized and projected onto a computer screen. This enables critical environment of diagnosis of oral conditions.Computer imaging also aids in patient education.
Intra Oral Camera    
This pen-like camera permits to explore the mouth and take pictures that can be displayed on a monitor. The intra oral camera helps to locate cracked fillings, fractures in teeth and the designing of decay. With this camera, we are able to diagnose such problems before they become a matter of concern.
Air Abrasion    
Air abrasion can remove decay in the early stage and can repair worn, chipped or cracked teeth. It is specifically effective when treating young patients. This new technology uses pressurized flow of tiny abrasive powder that gently wears away the decay or damaged tooth material. It is fast, pain free and helps retain as much as natural tooth structure as possible. In many cases, air abrasion eliminates the use of injections and drilling.
Dental Loupes    
Technology that has altered the way we practice dentistry. Dental magnification has made a significant impact on the quality of care we provide, and has made practice environment safer and healthier.
Digital X - Rays    
Digital x-ray system is more sensitive than conventional x-rays film systems as exposure to x-ray is reduced by as much as 90 %. The magnified and color-enhanced images enable the patient to visualise and understand the procedure in dental treatment. It is also eco-friendly since the use of films photochemicals is eliminated.
The goal of minimally invasive dentistry, or microdentistry, is to conserve healthy tooth structure. It focuses on prevention, remineralization, and minimal dentist intervention. Using scientific advances, minimally invasive dentistry allows dentists to perform the least amount of dentistry needed while never removing more of the tooth structure than is required to restore teeth to their normal condition. In addition, in minimally invasive dentistry, dentists use long-lasting dental materials that conserve the maximum tooth structure so the need for future repairs is reduced.
How does it work?
First your dentist will evaluate your risk for tooth decay. The presence of bacteria, quality and quantity of saliva, and your diet are all contributors to decay. Your dentist will then use strategies to prevent or reduce your risk for tooth decay. For instance, if you have a high level of oral bacteria, you might be advised to use mouthwash daily, limit the intake of certain carbohydrates, and practice good oral hygiene.

Which techniques are used?

Minimally invasive dentistry techniques include:
Remineralization: Remineralization is the process of restoring minerals. Remineralization can repair the damage created by the demineralization process. Fluoride plays a very important role in remineralization.
Air abrasion: When a tooth cannot be remineralized and decay is present, your dentist may use air abrasion to remove the decay. Air abrasion is used instead of a traditional drill and may not require anesthesia. It resembles microscopic sand blasting and uses a stream of air combined with a super-fine abrasive powder.
Sealants: Usually made of plastic resin, dental sealants protect teeth from bacteria that cause decay. Sealants fit into the grooves and depressions of the tooth and act as a barrier, protecting against acid and plaque. Sealants do not require any cutting of the tooth and can be placed on teeth that might be susceptible for decay at any time.
Inlays and onlays: Usually dentists use crowns to restore a tooth, but inlays and onlays do not require them to remove as much of the tooth structure. Inlays are similar to fillings except that they are custom-made to fit the cavity in your tooth and are typically the same color as the tooth or gold colored. Onlays are used for more substantial reconstruction and also do not require your dentist to remove as much of the tooth as would a crown.
Bite splints: Many people grind their teeth at night. Grinding, or bruxism, may cause serious damage to the teeth, and may require you to need crowns. Grinding, which often begins in your teenage years or early 20s, can be detected and corrected before much damage has been done. Dentists can create bite splints for you to wear at night or during stressful times when most teeth-grinding occurs.

Professional Dental Cleaning
Professional dental cleanings (dental prophylaxis) are usually performed by Registered Dentists. Your cleaning appointment will include Intra dental examination and the following:
Removal of calculus (tartar): Calculus is hardened plaque that has been left on the tooth for some time and is now firmly attached to the tooth surface. Calculus forms above and below the gum line and can only be removed with special dental instruments.
Removal of plaque: Plaque is a sticky, almost invisible film that forms on the teeth. It is a growing colony of living bacteria, food debris, and saliva. The bacteria produce toxins (poisons) that inflame the gums. This inflammation is the start of periodontal disease!
  Teeth polishing: Remove stain and plaque that is not otherwise removed during tooth brushing and scaling.
Sterlization & Safety
Our clinic stringently follows safety and sterilization guidelines. We continuously up grade infection control techniques by frequently holding regular staff meetings. Some of the techniques we follow are:
Wearing gloves, masks, and protective eyewear during each patient examination and treatment.
Sterilizing all instruments placed intra – orally in an autoclave and ultrasonic cleaning.
Consistently using a contracted sterilization monitoring service to ensure effectiveness of the sterilization.
Utilizing safety techniques to prevent cross-contamination by properly disposing off all product that cannot be sterilized.
Sterilization of all dental hand-pieces
Supplying filtered, bottled water to dental hand-pieces and air / water syringe.
Whether your dental needs are a general checkup or a full-mouth rehabilitation , or anything in between, we at Kenkere Dental & Implant Centre promise to provide you with exceptional care as we enhance the natural beauty of your smile. We regularly provide to our patients – with a gentle touch, and stunning results. Your smile is our first priority, and we’ll give you something to smile about.


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